Recalling Monsoon Memories

Monsoon, a season that doesn’t make me feel romantic, but nostalgic! When the first rain of this season falls on dry earth, nostalgia comes to visit me with the most pleasant fragrance (known as “petrichor”). <3
Today, when it’s raining outside, I’m recalling some beautiful memories of my childhood days :)
  • Tea & Pakoras- After the sunny boring summer when the weather changes its mode from hot to cool, the combo of tea-pakoras with the warmth of mamma’s love doubles the enjoyment of rainy season. But now, I hardly enjoy this moment once or twice in the whole season.
  • Sailing Paper Boats- Mostly kids tear pages from their notebooks to make paper boats but we used to make boats using greasy leaves of a specific tree (Sorry I forgot the name). My brother (Bhaiya) always used to put an ant into his boat, LOL :D
  • Spotting Rainbows- Probably the best thing of those days. Our science textbooks became meaningful when we first spotted rainbow.
  • Making Hailstone (Ollay) Art- It’s funny but true that our creativity was getting improved with these kinds small stuff hahaha!
  • Jumping in puddles- Getting dirty was not an issue those days! It used to be the best moment of the day. 
  • Walks after rain- As my dad was in forest department, so we mostly used to live in government quarters that too in forests/nurseries. I remember how much we enjoyed those walks with Papa in cool and calm breeze to feel that wet, washed and shiny greenery after rain. I used to shake rainwater off from trees’ branches on my sister and brother :P I'm crazy since birth hahaha ;)
Nothing was embarrassing when we were kids but now when we all grown up we can’t do any of these silly but beautiful things to make ourselves happy. 
Why can’t we again be the children we were once? :(

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  1. Hey, tell me more about Making Hailstone (Ollay) Art !