Things I Learned Through the Spirit of Yoga

Atha Yoganushasanam ||1||
(And now begins the Yoga instruction).

This is how Patanjali Yoga Sutras start.
Yoga, originated in Vedic times of India, is a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual practice to shape our body and mood.
You definitely have heard that “Prevention is better than cure”; and yoga is the cheapest prevention to cure all kinds of diseases, to improve physical fitness and for endurance. No equipment required, only 6x6  ft’s space is sufficient. I’ve been practicing yoga since my school days and here are the things I’ve learned through yoga-

1.       To be punctual- For me, Yoga is the road to a more centered life. Yoga tends me to an inner journey to find who I really am. When you’ll start it, you’ll get to know (its magic). J

2.       To breath- The mind-body coordination gets strengthen by inhaling and exhaling deeply that provides a better sense of well-being, improves concentration and thinking power; and relieves stress.

3.       To be calm and feel myself- A greater sense of relaxation and peace of mind is contributed by yoga practices. It helps me to unclutter my mind and makes me feel better about myself.

4.       To be clean- Practicing yoga encouraged me to do self-care externally as well as internally.

We all should be thankful and feel proud of our Indian tradition that teaches everyone to live a healthier lifestyle! Now a days, yoga is being modified to make it interesting so that youth can adopt it willingly.
Looking forward to share more Yoga love with you, meanwhile, grab your mat and start doing Yoga. Yes, you can do it!! Haha :D

Happy International Yoga Day J

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