10 Small Things To Remember To Make 2016 Better Than 2015

The New Year is quickly approaching and soon we’ll discuss our resolutions. Resolutions are nothing, they’re just a little motivation for you by yourself.
Generally, people think that not a single resolution lasts so far but if you push yourself to follow at least some of these worth keeping resolutions, you’ll come to know its bright side.

1. Embrace changes: You’re note a tree, if you don’t like where you are, change it. Never fear change, accept challenges in life.
2. Appreciate what you have: Have you heard that "Some people lose diamonds in search of stones"? People, who are grateful are happier and more satisfied. Stop comparing yourself to others, it just makes you stressed and depressed. 

3. Take care of yourself: Your exterior never expresses your interior. Eat healthy, drink more water, quit smoking, do exercise and stay healthy.

4. Be loyal: Stay honest with your friends, family and love.

5. Laugh more: For your health and happiness. 

6. Get outdoors more: Life is not meant to be at one place. Go outside and explore, it’ll make you feel good about yourself.

7. Learn a new language: One language is never enough. Enjoy the challenge of learning a new language (a difficult one :P ).

8. Contribute for a good cause: Giving is great. Be someone’s smile this year by saving some amount of your earnings for them.

9. Go on a blind date: Create some adventure in 2016 but be prepared to face the risk of such fun :P

10. Be happy for no reason :) There’s always a next year!

Let’s say good bye to 2015 with a bang and welcome 2016 with a big smile :)

Image source: SVPicks, TheBerry, Theygetaround and Etsy.com

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