Easy & Quick Gift Ideas for the "V Day"

Hey Y’all. As we’re approaching Valentine’s Day and it’s a wonderful day for sharing gifts. So, I wanted to share some quick, easy and budget friendly gift ideas here for everyone.

1. For him-
For your beloved, try to cook a new recipe for the VDay meal.

He’ll absolutely love this comfy sleep mask. You can personalize it by your own.
Collect some snaps of your memorable dates, make a collage, frame it or make an album.
Romance is in the air. To give it a personal touch, write down your emotions on a paper. Letters are beyond the readymade Valentine’s Day cards. Note down the reasons “why I love you” and “why I’m proud of you”. Now break it up and ask them to put the pieces together to read it. It would be a cute idea to puzzle them :)

2. For her-
It doesn’t have to be a lot of money to make someone happy. Just meet her, turn off your cell phone, Facebook and give her undivided attention and love <3

If she believes in Feng Shui, gift a cute lucky charm.

Go for an adventurous trip and get your heart rate up with her.

This heart mug would be a sweet surprise for her mornings.

3. For yourself- 
If you’re single, then call your other single friends and plan a night party.
It’s a weekend, go for a solo trip and experience like none other.

Watch “50 shades of grey” or “MSG” :D
Or finally, download Tinder and be lucky this time ;)

4. For someone in need- 
Step up and be a part of some goodness. Build/Shop an animal shelter for the random street animals and unleash the hidden love of those innocents. God bless you :)

Gift your old clothes and toys to the poor children and create change in their lives. Because, we can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone :)

Happy Valentine’s Day. Spread Love.
Love you all <3

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