Happy Diwali: It's Time To Celebrate

I do not need to ask your what's your favorite festival is because I know it's none other than Diwali :)

In India, the festival of lights brings colors and brightness all around and the start of the Hindu calender's New Year. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil (darkness). The main thing that differs this festival from others is that it is celebrated by all Indians regardless any faith, either it is Hindu, Jain, Sikh or Buddhist, everyone enjoys this awesome occasion.

Here are some interesting reasons why Deepawali cherishes everyone :)
1) The Safai business (Cleaning): 

Everyone in family, shares this task to make the home magnificent on Deepawali.

2) Because the guests will visit your home: 

Relatives, neighbors, friends all come to wish you with sweets and gifts.

3) Diwali= A bunch of holidays

From the starting of the month of Diwali, we eagerly wait for the holidays.

4) New traditional cloths to wear:

Everyone gets ready to look their best in traditional cloths. And your new look deserves many click..click..click!!!

5) Mother and sisters create beautiful Rangolis:

And the entrance of our home becomes more elegant when we put 'Diyas' on that Rangoli.

6) Pooja with Family:

And after this, we're free to enjoy the crackers, to eat sweets and to do loads of fun together :)

7) The crackers drill with siblings: 

Phooljhadis, Chakris, Chatar-patars, Anaars, Ladis, Rockets.....Bursting crackers is the best part for us :)

8) And the sky becomes delightful to everyone

Despite of these joys, we have to take safety to make this beautiful fest harmless. Try to avoid dangerous crackers, sweets with chemical preservatives, say NO to alcohol.
Help the poor people and be their Laxmi on this Diwali :)

Make your Diwali special and memorable for your family, friends and yourself :)

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