5 Quick Hairstyles For This Week

For all busy girls, who don't have enough time to spend on their hairstyle daily, this post is for you all to take your hair to the new heights. Try these simple and gorgeous hairstyles to make a great change from your regular boring hair.

1) Braid & Ponytail: Ponytails are easy and in fashion all the time. This braided ponytail is a modified version of simple ponytail. Isn't it so COOL?

2) Upside Down French Braid Ponytail: An eye-catching hairstyle, just hang your head down and start the french braid at the nape of your neck. End it with a ponytail holder.

3) Half Braid: Create a style statement with this classy half french braid.This can go pretty better with thick hair. Easy to do and fabulous to sport ;)

4) The Hair Bow: This hairstyle is damn effortless and gives a special appeal. Make 2 sections from front, cross them, tie in bow style and secure with bobby pins.

5) Twisted with Ponytail: Start twisting from both sides and secure the twists with the pony. Take a strand from the pony and wrap it around the holder. Match it up with Patiala outfit and you're all set and ready!!

So these are some of the super quick and simplest hairstyles to wear on lazy days. Aren't they fab?
Love'em :)

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